Mount Kinabalu is one of the highest mountains in Southeast Asia at 4,095.2m above sea level. A summit climb from the trailhead covers 8.72 km. A Mount Kinabalu summit climb takes two days and one night (2D1N). This is the shortest available option for a Mt Kinabalu climbing package.


Enjoy the panaromic view of the highlands in Sabah from a whole different perpective. gear up and embark on an off road trip by ATV and you will be guaranteed the adrenaline rush, driving around farm hills, farmlands and up and down of steep slopes while enjoying the majestic view of Mount Kinabalu, watching then Holstein-Friesian cows grazing on grass at Desa Dairy Farm and at the same time experiencing the coll breezy mountain air.


Interested with rafting? But worry because of lacking in experience? And it's your first time doing it? Don't worry! We have the exact white water rafting that suitable for beginners. Kiulu River is suitable for all ages from young kids to elderly. The excursion will covers up to 15km long making it the longest white water rafting in Borneo. At times, the rafting will covers up to 7km on medium water level.


If you want to challenge the rapids, you can choose the rafting of Padas River. The Padas River is between level 3 - 4 and is the longest rafting route in Borneo. While the more treacherous Padas River is located in the interior of the Southwestern part, that is only accessible by train. Expert hard waves, rocks, and lots of maneuvening.


Run!Run!Run! Heart pounding and experience the adrenaline rush. Before you know it, your feet are off the ground and you're a hundred feet up in the skies. Gliding among the paddy fields, villages and enjoying the peacefulness and tranquillity yo the sky will definitely give you a whole new perpective of Ranau. Complete your day with a carton of milk or ice cream at Desa Dairy Farm which is produced daily and guaranteed freshness while enjoying the scenery.

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